viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Using the Random Fields Generator in Blitzkrieg Map Editor (English)

By Ocelo

This is a real boost for creating BK maps. Believe me.

First, open up a map in any BK map editor. Now, on the left tab, click on the “Terrain” tab. At the bottom of the small window that appeared in the panel, just above the tab “Objects, Fences, Bridges”, there are 3 tabs called “Tiles”, “Heights”, and “Fields”.

The “Heights” tab lets you edit/ creat hills/elevation changes on the map, with different brush sizes (left-click and hold to raise ground, right-click and hold to lower ground/elevation). We’re interested in the tab called “Fields”. Click on it.

Now you see various stuff. I’m not sure what all the boxes mean/effect, but check all of them- just in case . Next, select a field in the “Available fields” box (you may have to widen the instrument panel to see the numbers).

Here’s what they mean: (you can actually use any field on any map).

00- plains with bushes
02- deciduous FOREST; with a few ravines
03- wheat plain; with light brush border; Y-axis
04- same as no.03, but alligned with the x- axis
05- fir forest; less dense than 02
06- less dense forest; wuth no ravines
07- (fall?) forest, with few trees, many without leaves; random log cabins; small ravines
08- same as no.07, but with fir trees
09- bare ground with border of spare bushes; at times, a russian shed; all terrain objects on Y- axis
10- same as 09, but with no sheds; and all terrain objects aligned with the x- axis

00- spring plain, with a few bushes
01- SWAMP; few bushes (and w/out leaves)
02- same as 05, but more varying terrain
03- planting ground; Y-axis
04- planting ground; X-axis
05- forest without leaves and some snow
06- same as 05, but with some FIR trees

00- rippled sand; no terrain objects
01- oasis
02- varying terrain with small dunes
03- dry ground with dry terrain

00- wind-blown terrain with thick brush
01- snow-covered field surrouded by brush with trees+watery terrain
02- forest with fir trees
03- garden surrounded by spare bushes and trees
04- light forest with no fir trees

01-swamp with palms on borders
02-light jungle forest
03-thick jungle forest
04-border of palms with space in the middle– for lakes???

Now, once you’ve selected the field you want, move your cursor to the map. As you click the mouse in various places, you will see numerous segments created. These will be the verticies of your field.
Once you have your shape, double-click for the polygon to complete it. Now you can move the verticies if you want to by dragging them around. Note that after the next step, you will NOT be able to alter the field; just manually clear it by changing terrain tiles, or deleting objects.

Once you are statisfied with the polygon and the field, double-click anywhere to have the field created. This may take a few seconds.

Now you have a professional field, with randomly placed terrain, simple, and flora objects placed in your field. Note that you may have to enlarge your field to get the entire result. Your field is done!

Experiment and tweak with it to fully understand how it works. On the whole, though, its a life saver.

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