lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Ocelo´s Blitzkrieg Mapping Guide (English)

This tutorial is designed for mappers who have a little familiarity with the Blitzkrieg Map Editor. Here, I touch on some of the basics, and also go on to explain the more complicated aspects of the Map Editor. I hope to have covered 85% of the possibilities of this vast application.

Finally, I discuss many mapping possibilities, techniques, and ideas which I have learned over 3 years of Blitzkrieg mapping as thoroughly as I can.

A few files to enhance mapping possibilities and experience are also included. Little parts of the included content and comments were authored by Aleksej fon Grozni, Leon, LouisXIV, Corpbob, and bkfan41.

Best wishes of luck and sucess from me to all future Blitzkrieg mappers.

Autor: Ocelo et alter
Fecha: 14/09/2009
Formato archivo: PDF y PAK
Tamaño archivo: 4.32 MB


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