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Adding custom squads to BK (English)

By Ocelo

First, you’ll need the folders for EACH of the individual soldier types which will be in the squad (ie: submachine gunners, MG, Pzb39). In the 1.xml files of each, you can alter a variety of things, including the allotted hit points (“MaxHP”), weapons, etc.

So, for example, if we were to make a German 1941 squad, as seen in the game, we’d need these files (as they appear in the data/data.pak/units/humans/german): Mauser, Mg42, Mp40, Officer, and Pzb39.

Once you have these files, they go into your mod’s data/units/humans directory. It is advisable to first make them as a small patch to go in the main data folder, as this will allow you to make the squads.

Next, make/add to an existing modobjects.xml file entries for each of these.

Now for the squads: I have not had much sucess with the Resource Editor, but it has made squad 1.xml files for me quite well. So, open that and select the squad editor.

Make a new file, and you will have some info available. Add members to your squad (right-click/’insert item’ under “members” I think). You will get a window where you can select the soldiers to add. If you have them as a PAK in the main data folder with a modobjects.xml entry, they should appear there.

Once you have the list of units you’ll use, you can move them around on the grid to design the formation. Note that separate formations must be made for all formation types the squad will use (default, offensive, defensive, march). You can also adjust the squad parameters (ie: resting time, etc) to enhance it if you wish.

When you’re done, go file-export project, and save as an xml file somewhere (final result should be named 1.xml).

Finally, we need to add this squad, with the 1.xm file and an icon (not necessary), into its own folder (call it what you wish). Then, place the new folder in the “Squads” folder of your patch/mod.

Lastly, create a modobjects.xml entry for the new squad.

NOTE: even if a squad is comprised of just one soldier, it still must have a folder in the Squads folder, with an according modobjects.xml entry in order to be placed on a map in the Map Editor.

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