sábado, 24 de septiembre de 2011

CSLA Mod Tips

Here are a few advice for WWII military enthusiast or an occasional players which have the feeling that the mod is too difficult:

1. All vehicles have stabilized guns. This means that the unit can fire on the move. Do not allow your units during the attack to stop or they will be quickly destroyed!

2. Western tanks have a fire control system that allows them, theoretically, to hit and destroy the target with the first shot and they can shoot across larger distances. In addition thanks to better optics they have the ability to sight your tanks much earlier.

3. Suicide is if you try to create a compact defence line of entrenched T-55/72 tanks in open terrain. The best defence is an attack. If you will, try to attack Leopard 2 MBT's with T-55 or BVP-1.

4. The IFV BVP-1 looks like a tank, but it isn't a tank! :) - it has a weak armour which provide the protection only to the 12.7 mm calibre. The standard Soviet tactic is to use large tank formations to break through enemy lines. Tanks should be accompanied by infantry and the infantry should be supported by BVPs in the last line.

Welcome to the hell of modern warfare!

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