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[BK1]Delayed Strike Mod (English)

Lightweight gameplay-changes mod making numerous changes to artillery, autos and armoured vehicles.

Armoured Vehicles
* Maus and T28 attain the "self entrenchment" ability
* BMW R75 bike can entrench itself and hold position. Ammunition increased from 100 to 300 bullets, also speed increased
* KV-2 has a new weapon: M-10 howitzer instead of its previous nonexistent ML-20C (!). M-10 is comparable with ML-20 heavy field gun but is weaker in every parameter. Due to the new gun the tank itself now has the ability of ranging area and artillery bombardment
* StuG Ausf.F will no longer refuse to go and engage the enemy (it just stood still doing nothing if the enemy wasn't within the range). Now it will chase every unit you want it to
* ALL mobile AA guns (M13, M15, M16, Crusader AA, Wirbelwind) are now are able to shoot while they are driving (unfortunately they also tend to suffer "the wandering AA-gun BUG" and the solution from Kursk is impossible, so keep the dug in or holding its position)
* Also some other light reconnaissance vehicles and light tanks (currently only German: SdKfz.222, SdKfz.231, Pz.II) have this feature
* IS-2, IS-3 and BS-3 will use another firing effect. The previous one was used only by howitzers. Now they will use a "more AT-gun effect"

* Bofors 40mm AA-gun, M2A1 light howitzer, 2cm FlaK30, Nebelwerfer 41 and 42, 37mm 61K AA-gun, and M-30 light howitzer can be moved by their crews
* F-22 and PaK36(r) have new moving speeds: F-22 increased from 2,2 to 3,8; PaK36(r) decreased from 6 (!) to 3,8
* 45mm AT-gun mod.1937 and Nebelwerfer 42: decreased weight
* T34 Calliope now can and will use its main gun and MG's. Its M3 75mm gun has the same ammo count as by "normal" M4A1 Sherman.
* Panzerwerfer 42 now has additional 10 round of ammo for 1 more volley. In reality they were carried in the middle part of the vehicle under the armour protection.

* Jeeps are able to tow artillery. It is NOT the old "Jeep_Towing_Patch". I've made new .xml files with proper towing points and without the possibility of resupplying ammo. Jeeps also will speak their languages (in "Jeep_Towing_Patch" there was only one .xml file renamed 2 times making all three Jeeps speak the initial file's language - American English)
* Kuebelwagen also can tow artillery. However its towing force is only 50% of Willys' one so it can tow only very light weapons (e.g. Nebelwerfer, 2cm FlaK).
* M5 Tractor gets the "Attack" button.

consts.xml Changes
* The coefficient of area damage increased from 0.3 to 0.4
* Area damage will also pierce thicker armour (45 instead of 15)
* Wrecks will stay longer on the battlefield

* 100kg and 250kg bombs are much more dangerous (higher AP and more damage)
* Range damage will now pierce thicker armour (50 instead of 15)
* Antipersonnel mines have greater range and also cause more damage (initially 1 AP mine could hardly kill a single soldier, now it'll kill half a squad). Moreover, they can break tracks and have a small armour piercing rate so they could be very dangerous to light vehicles
* Antitank mines cause more damage and now can easily destroy light vehicles like SdKfz.222 or t-26 by driving over just one mine
* Also included new textures for both types of the mines
* Some cosmetic changes making shells with high damage rates leave bigger craters (for boys and girls who love seeing a moon landscape inside of BK).

Extract the Delayed Strike 0.1.pak file from the Delayed Strike 0.1.rar archive into your Blitzkrieg data folder.

Author: Hannibal
Released: 06/12/2006
File Size: 104KB
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