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[MC]Motherland Calls Reloaded (English)

Motherland Calls is another grand-campaign for Blitzkrieg 1 allowing you to fight through World War 2 from its beginning till its end in Europe, now from the perspective of Soviet commander.

Motherland Calls campaign follows a heritage of its predecessor Achtung Panzer and also offers you a big bunch of 29 missions. These missions take place on various battlefields of the Eastern Front and will let you feel the spirit of many famous as well as forgotten battles, which the Red Army fought in. You can look forward to encounters such as a battle of Grodno, Petsamo, Dubno, Yelnya, Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, Kiev, Korsun, Jassy, Budapest or Berlin itself.

But Motherland Calls offers you more than vast amount of challenging missions. The campaign is now based on a full-scale mod, so it can introduce also a broad range of gameplay changes, which generally modify and enhance the combat style and better balance roles of every weapon type making their cooperation in battle more important. The complete list of gameplay changes can be viewed on a separate page.

Thanks to contribution of various authors, you will also meet more than 100 new units during the campaign, either in forces of your own or your enemies. These are for example Panzerjäger I tank hunter, PzKpfw I Ausf. B light tank, PzKpfw IV Ausf. H medium tank, Junkers Ju 87G dive bomber, T-28 obr. 1938 medium tank, Polikarpov I-16 fighter, Ski-Riflemen, 43M Zrinyi II assault gun or TKS tankette. If you want to get to know all the new units included in Motherland Calls, you can go to the page with a full list of new units.

And last but not least, Motherland Calls also includes a completely new intermission interface.

What's new
Motherland Calls Reloaded is the authentic Motherland Calls campaign with integrated v1.2 patch:
* Playing at Easy level of difficulty is now easier to make the campaign better playable for less skilled players.
* In order to make assault SPG's being better controllable on the battlefield, these now have an ability only of direct fire (and slightly decreased shooting accuracy to balance the fact that they are not primarily tank-hunters, but are mainly intended to destroy bunkers and such obstacles to support infantry in its advance). This change is therefore applied to StuG III A and StuG III D, Zrinyi II and JSU-122, JSU-152, SU-122 and SU-152 assault guns.
* Accuracy of rapid-fire cannons has been slightly decreased to give the other units with normal-speed firing cannons better chance to repeat fire.
* Added forgotten armor value of sideskirts to StuG III G, TAs and Turan III.
* Considered the reports from the players, several missions have been tweaked - especially the battle of the Myshkova river (No Escape).
* Texture of Zrinyi II was modified in order not to be identical with Zrinyi I.
* More ammunition given to static light AA guns.
* Tweaked capacity of some houses.
* Heavy bombers now cause more damage.
Also game-files were polished and optimalized in order to spare the size of installer. You may also want to download Tangram's European Buildings Winter Patch and new ailogic.dll file to enhance your experience with the campaign.

Run the motherland-calls.exe setup file and point the install destination to your .../Blitzkrieg/Run/Mods/Motherland folder. After the installation process is complete, run the game and load Motherland Calls mod (Options > Load Mod). Then go to New Game > Custom Game > Custom Campaigns and select "Motherland Calls v1.0" in the popup window. Due to Blitzkrieg bug, an incorrect campaign (German) will be started.

To overcome this problem and run Motherland Calls campaign, do the following - exit the started German campaign and you will then see a menu screen with three campaigns available. Select "Motherland Calls" from the list and you can play.

Note: This small bug is caused by a drawback in Blitzkrieg itself, not by the campaign failure. It appears only when a custom campaign is started from the beginning. Therefore any savegames will be loaded correctly.

Author: GordonCZ
File Size: 71 MB
File Name:
Website: GordonCZ Works


Music Theme
This little update of Motherland Calls adds an extra flavor to the campaign, because it will allow you to hear a special Soviet music theme on intermission screen when playing Motherland Calls.

Installation: Unpack the file to your .../Blitzkrieg/Run/data/music folder to apply this update.

Author: GordonCZ
File Size: 5.9 MB
File Name:
Motherland Calls Music Theme 

Additional Files
Tangram's European Buildings Winter Patch
Updated ailogic.dll File for Blitzkrieg

Language Packs
English: GordonCZ
Czech: GordonCZ
French: AlbertMarcel

Place the motherland-calls-cze/fra.pak file to your .../Blitzkrieg/Run/Mods/Motherland/data folder to apply the Czech/French language pack.

Motherland Calls Czech Pack
Motherland Calls French Pack

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