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[HS]Operation Hagelsturm Base Mod Roll-up Release (English)

The Operation Hagelsturm Base Mod includes a reworking of the infamous Hagelsturm campaign, renamed "Tiger Division Eisner”, which is based around the exploits of Hauptmann Eisenhans.
The maps and objectives remain largely the same but benefit from updated scripts and new units:
  • a new Sherman Firefly 3D model by Kun@
  • a new Stug III Ausf G model by Ice Bear
  • an SdKfz 251/7 Ausf D Hanomag Engineering vehicle plus the Pz IV with side armour
  • and the captured T34 tank (both taken from CCM2).
Also featured are several units and objects from Stalingrad. The campaign also includes updated textures (by Stahlsohle, Mazza and Squire James) and terrain (by Stahlsohle) and new sounds and music. There are also several game play changes introduced (again taken from CCM) such as the Hanomag 251/7 having a repair role and the Opel LKW and Maultiers being limited to ammunition resupply only, with ambulances now taking over the role of infantry replenishment. Special thanks to: Stahlsohle, Freeman17, Randell, Gamer, Mazza, Joseph Porta, Ernst Stein (La Plata Studios).
Roll-up Release Contents
  • Operation Hagelsturm Base Mod (including Tiger Division Eisner campaign).
  • Operation Hagelsturm - Ostfront.
  • SS Wiking: Kowel.
  • SS Wiking: Nicolussi-Leck.
  • Operation Hagelsturm - D-Day.
  • Operation Overlord: Free Europe.
  • Seelower Höhe/Halbe 1945.
  • Ardennes Offensive 1944.
  • Normandie´44 (custom mission)
Author: mr.frost72 
File Size: 136MB 
Date Added: 12/03/2008 

English: [BKP] 
French: AlbertMarcel, Anywhere91 

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