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[GD]Green Devils (English)

War is hell! The makers of "Burning Horizon" and "Rolling Thunder" deliver 20 thrilling and action packed missions and two motivating campaigns, including the first Airborne campaign for "Blitzkrieg".
"EAGLES": Spring 1941. The Belgian fortification, Eben-Emael, caused a headache for the German Generals. As a frontal attack using infantry and tanks seemed impossible a raid was planned under the utmost secrecy. A small unit of paratroopers was deployed under the name "Assault Team Granite". The paratroops trained for months for this very mission. On the evening of the 9th May 1944 the "Assault Team Granite" got the green light for its mission. The campaign "EAGLES" contains this and five other thrilling "Fallschirmjaeger" operations from Narvik to Crete.
Tanks to the front! "9th Panzer" is a new 10 mission campaign giving you the opportunity to play tactical famous battles like Dunkirk, Operation Typhoon, Operation Citadelle or the Operation "Rhine Watch".
Tank School: In 4 tutorial missions the game designer, Ernst Stein, gives tricks and strategies for surviving in singleand and multiplayer modes. The Tank School not only offers beginners a bit of classic knowledge in a nutshell, but also gives the old hands at the game insider tips "direct from the factory"
* 20 maps (plus bonus missions) over two campaigns, including the first airborne campaign for the Blitzkrieg series.
* "Eagles" campaign tracing the exploits of German paratroopers during 1940 and 1941, from Narvik to Crete.
* 9th Armoured Division campaign which follows the Panzer division from Dunkirk to the Ardennes.
* Eight core units that can be upgraded up to more advanced armor available later in the war such as the King Tiger and Jagdpanther.
* 8 new medals
* Commando missions: The player can move his commando units behind enemy lines by using enemy and civilian vehicles.
* The addition of Greece as a new theater of war
* Airports can be captured and used as drop points for reinforcements
* Map scripts will recognise the typical behaviour of advanced users and will make the missions more difficult for then.
* Green Devils will run with Rolling Thunder as a map pack and with Blitzkrieg and Burning Horizon as a special "Mod".

Publisher : CDV Entertainment AG
Developer: LaPlata Studios
Released: June 2005

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  1. donde está la descarga en inglés no está el enlace

  2. @Anonimo
    "Green Devils" es una expansión comercial y por tanto hay que adquirirla legalmente.
    Es posible que ya no se encuentre dónde compararla pues la serie BK es antigua.

  3. Alguien me puede pasar el link para descargar la traduccion al español de green devils que el link publicado aca no funciona , gracias !