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Blitzkrieg Resurrection Mod (English)

Blitzkrieg Resurrection Mod is an attempt at pumping a little life into what is becoming an aging yet very distinct title.

Blitzkrieg remains a one of a kind game in my eyes since no real successor was ever really published that could take its place. Therefore although a little outdated it remains a very unique experience to the average gamer.

Out of respect towards the aging title, I will try in all fairness to create a version of the game that is hopefully more immersive and enjoyable to BK fans around the world...

The mod itself has come a VERY long way...

The first version of the modification was published back in 2004 as a small patch to correct the games bugs which it did very well eliminating a number of crashes and small in-game glitches... and it just took off from there.
  • Unofficial Blitzkrieg 1.3 Patch (2004)
  • Cross of Iron Mod Version 1.34 (2005)
  • Cross of Iron Mod Version 1.44 (2009)
  • Blitzkrieg Resurrection Version 1.0 (2012)
Over 8 years of long hard work has pushed the modification to the point where it is today eliminating countless glitches and implementing way too many changes/modifications to gameplay to count!

I was actually able to miraculously salvage both the 2005 and 2009 versions of the mod and still have them in my possession! If your curious... just ask.

  1. The mod as of Version 1.5 does not have blood texture effects for the new DAK and Polish infantry skins. I recommend turning blood off for a more balanced visual effect.
  2. The game plays beautifully at higher resolutions. I strongly recommend an in-game resolution of at least 1280x1024 if your PC can handle it.
  3. Strategy developed on the original 1.2 Version of the game will be rendered pretty useless with the modification. Get a new feel for the mod and begin to re-develop your skill and strategy with it.
  4. The red arrows you see in SP missions on the mini map point out enemy pockets of resistance simulated through reconnaissance.
  • BR Quick Start Guide.doc (simple guide for getting started)
  • BR Mission Briefings.doc (gives you the mission objectives)
  • BR Service Entrance Dates.doc (a guide for making accurate maps)
  • BR Unit Strength.doc (a guide for making balanced maps)3 Test missions
  • 11 Custom missions
  • 14 Multiplayer missions
  • Resurrection Sound Mod (included with the mod)
  • Resurrection Texture Pack (included with the mod)
  • Blitzkrieg Map Editor Version 1.4
  • Necessary files to convert the modification
Installation is actually quite simple. Simply follow the installer and its instructions...
  • Installs Blitzkrieg 1 + 1.2 Patch + THE MOD in that order.
  • Installs the mod into the folder containing your GAME.exe and mapeditor.exe!
  • Do not have a BR folder present in your mods folder.
  • Have Blitzkrieg 1 closed.
There is an Uninstall Blitzkrieg Resurrection.exe icon placed in the same folder you should be installing into... simply run it. It will completely remove the modification and its contents.

If for whatever reason you are having trouble you can email me and I will try to assist you.


Game: Blitzkrieg 1
Date Release: Jun 06, 2013
Author: iLeeT_PeeP
Version: 1.51
File Name: Blitzkrieg Resurrection Version
Flie Size: 91.8 MB
Source: Blitz Srbija Forum
PDF Conversion: Leonidas (BKPE)


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