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Great Battles of WWII: Stalingrad is a real-time strategy based on the modified Blitzkrieg engine. The game tells a story of one of the most dramatic periods of World War II and covers all major events from June 1942 till January 1943. The game consists out of two campaigns.

During the first one players will lead the advancing German forces and after that will assume the role of a Soviet commander, whose aim is to liberate the city and smash the 6th Army of Wehrmacht. Unlike many other WWII RTS games Stalingrad renders every event taking into account all historical peculiarities and demonstrates a high level of accuracy. Moreover the missions in every single battle scenario are the same as they were in reality. "

  • 36 missions, 2 campaigns (playing on the side of Wehrmacht or the Red Army), 7 hidden missions, revealing secret and unknown facts from the history of the battle for Stalingrad.  
  • Historical accuracy which makes the game an interactive encyclopedia of the battle for Stalingrad.
  • Mission maps' landscape is created on basis of tactical maps and air photography of that period.
  • More than 150 units made on basis of real prototypes which took part in the battle of Stalingrad. Several tens of historic buildings, created according to archival photographs.
  • Experimental and unusual units including SAU Panzerselbstfahrlafette V "Sturer Emil", Pzb-41/28 anti-tank gun and Russian armoured assault infantry.
  • Significant changes to the gameplay system of Blitzkrieg directed toward increased realism including increased ranges of fire for infantry and armoured units, increased spread of artillery shells and fixes to the line of sight and line of fire issues present in the original Blitzkrieg engine.Original dub-metal soundtrack.
  • Optimized gameplay interface.
Publisher : Black Bean Games
Developer: DTF
Released: April 2005

GBofWWII-Stalingrad-Demo.part1 (95 MB)
GBofWWII-Stalingrad-Demo.part2 (95 MB)
GBofWWII-Stalingrad-Demo.part3 (95 MB)
GBofWWII-Stalingrad-Demo.part4 (46 MB)

Great Battles of WWII: Stalingrad is available by digital download at Amazon for only $9.99.
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